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Companies are already going out of business because of Brexit

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We have personal experience of operating before the Single Market and Customs Union began.

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Paul has worked in the UK and USA and has decades of experience in doing business in Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

He is a Global Expert with the World Economic Forum, publishes The pH Report, and is chairman of NiTech Solutions. Earlier in his career, he ran a range of global businesses for ICI. He has ‘hands-on’ experience of importing/exporting before and after the start of the Single Market and Customs Union in 1993.



David has run a number of major businesses for companies around the world and has a maths degree from Cambridge University.

He previously held senior executive positions with SABIC, Huntsman and ICI, where he led a range of global $1bn+ businesses based in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. He led SABIC’s global business redesign programme in 2009.



Paul is based in Switzerland and specialises in the distribution and logistics sectors.

Paul was previously Director, Strategic Accounts with Univar, and has a proven record of achieving significant performance improvement in a wide range of businesses. He is based in Switzerland and is fluent in French, German and Spanish – and proficient in Italian – in addition to English.



Paul has almost 40 years of experience of international industry with businesses including BP and Coopers & Lybrand, and as an equity analyst with a number of banks including ING, Merrill Lynch and Investec.

He has particular expertise in strategy, valuation, mergers and acquisitions and lending.

Senior Adviser


Tony has worked in marketing, sales and general management, as well as in manufacturing, research and planning. He has experience in the plastics, packaging, refrigeration and life sciences industries.

He was previously CEO of the British Coatings Federation and has worked for Arysta LifeScience, ICI, AstraZeneca and Syngenta.

Senior Adviser


Richard gained extensive experience in senior executive positions with BASF in General Management, Procurement and Global Key Account Mgt (Home & Personal Care) in Germany, Portugal and the US. He moved to the UK in 2016 as MD where he focussed on Brexit, implemented divestments/carve-outs and initiated the Future of Work transformation. He is bilingual (German/English).

We can help you with the key issues:

Customs and Tariffs

Brexit Advice on Customs and Tariffs – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

  • Brexit process has been rushed
  • Businesses have very little idea of what they need to do
  • Major problems have arisen with Customs Declarations:
    • Details required have delayed shipments
    • Customs Officers have different interpretations
    • Health Certificates have added major cost
  • We will help you work through the maze of regulations
  • We will help you set up the necessary routines

Rules of Origin

Brexit Advice on Rules of Origin – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

  • ‘Rules of Origin’ can pose an significant threat to exporters
  • The concept may be simple, but the application is complex
  • Failure to understand and comply will….
    • lead to many businesses needlessly paying tariffs
    • compromise the validity of customs documentation
  • We will help you to understand how Rules of Origin works
  • We will help you to implement Rules of Origin
  • We will help you identify where you may need to find new suppliers, or new customers

Northern Ireland

Brexit Advice on Northern Ireland – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

  • Anyone doing business with Northern Ireland now needs to understand…
    • The implications of Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom and also within the EU Single Market
    • The new rules that govern trade between Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the EU
  • There have been a large number of problems with the new arrangements
  • Supermarkets and agricultural businesses have been particularly impacted by the new rules
  • Northern Ireland’s new status opens up a wide range of new opportunities
  • We will help you understand the short-term issues
  • We will help you take advantage of the longer-term opportunities
  • We will help you develop new business based on Northern Ireland’s privileged status within both the United Kingdom and the EU


Brexit Advice on Incoterms – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

  • Brexit has changed the risks and costs of existing Incoterms
  • Existing margins and contract viability have been impacted
  • You need to be prepared for…
    • unexpected new activities
    • additional costs based on your responsibilities
    • Supply Chain issues
    • Potential contract revisions
  • We will help you analyse your contract portfolio
  • We will help you understand the new commercial landscape and identify measures to mitigate risk


Brexit Advice on UK and EU Reach Regulation post-Brexit

  • As a result of Brexit UK REACH is going to have a long term impact on the range of chemicals registered in the UK
  • UK REACH will impact the attractiveness of the UK chemicals market
  • UK REACH will result in short term compliance costs
  • You need to….
    • Establish and overview of the registration process
    • Ensure access to data
    • Identify what suppliers are undertaking and what customers expect
    • Be prepared for an increase in resources, costs and complexity leading to a reduction in productivity
  • We will help you define the impact on your business
  • We will help you identify what options you have