Ready for Brexit is independent and objective. It aims to help businesses and organisations understand the challenges and opportunities that Brexit will create.

Ready for Brexit Brexlists

Ready for Brexit Brexlist

Why your business will benefit from joining Ready for Brexit

To prepare for Brexit, your business will need to modify many procedures and completely change some practices. Ready for Brexit will walk you through a comprehensive and continuously updated To-Do list, the Brexlist, designed to make the transition to Brexit as smooth as possible. From staffing to supply chain, customs to credit checks, Ready for Brexit features detailed information and clear advice on all aspects of business that will be affected by Brexit.

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UK Brexit negotiations

Latest UK Government position papers
Article 50 and negotiations with the EU – all updates available here 

Official Reports on Brexit from the UK Parliament
Brexit: research and analysis

All publications from the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Exiting the EU are available here

All publications from the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Exiting the EU are available here

Timeline – Parliament’s progress on Brexit legislation can be viewed here

EU Brexit negotiations

Latest EU Commission position papers
Brexit negotiations, including link to documents on Article 50 negotiations

Preparing for UK withdrawal from the EU on 30 March 2019

Preparedness position papers by sector

European Council
Timeline and key documents for Brexit negotiations 

Joint EU/UK statement ahead of 28/29 June Brussels Summit

This joint statement summarises progress to date on the negotiations

Official Reports on Brexit from the European Parliament
How will Brexit work

Brexit Impact Studies

Brexit Committee Hearings and Workshops