Ready for Brexit is independent and objective. It aims to help businesses and organisations manage the challenges and opportunities that Brexit will create.

Your No Deal Brexit survival plan

Our No Deal Brexit survival plan is your must-have guide to surviving a No Deal Brexit. It gives you the tools you need to navigate the challenges ahead
No Plan for No Deal makes No Sense!

Brexsure supply chain audit tool
Startup Outlook Report

Start-up Outlook Report finds UK startups looking to expand despite Brexit

The annual Startup Outlook Report has found that while many UK startups have deep concerns about Brexit, it isn’t set to dent their expansion plans. Anna Tobin reports

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Brexit Toolkit

Ready for Brexit Brexlist

How to use the Brexlist Brexit Checklist
Comprehensive set of checklists to help you manage all elements of your business affected by Brexit.

Brexsure Brexit audit tool

brexsure brexit audit supply chain
Checklist to help you audit your supply chain’s readiness for Brexit

A to Z Guide to Brexit Negotiations

Get up to speed with Brexit developments and what they may mean for your business and your investments

A to Z guide to Brexit negotiations by Ready for Brexit