How can Ready for Brexit help you?

We can help you redesign your business model and survive Brexit.
Our consulting team have personal experience of operating before the Single Market and Customs Union began.
We know the issues and can help you solve your problems.

We can help with the key issues:

2021 Key Brexit Dates

2021 Key Brexit deadlines infographic by Ready for Brexit

31 MAR

Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation on financial services due

30 SEP
(Previously 1 APR)

Grace period for GB-NI agri-food safety paperwork ends

30 SEP
(Previously 1 JUL)

Grace period for GB-NI trade of chilled meat products ends


UK-EU border controls start to be progressively introduced

31 DEC

EU regulations on flow of GB-NI medicines enter into force


Brexit Advice on Rules of Origin – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

Rules of Origin (RoO) in UK-EU trading

“Customs and Tariffs are not the major obstacle to Brexit international trade. Instead, it is non-tariff obstacles such as rules of origin…”


Brexit Advice on UK and EU Reach Regulation post-Brexit

A massive threat – UK REACH Regulation post-Brexit

UK REACH is probably the biggest single threat to the prosperity and future growth of the UK chemical industry.


Brexit Advice on Northern Ireland – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

Northern Ireland Brexit bureaucracy

“You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out…”


Brexit Advice on Incoterms – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

Incoterms post-Brexit

Incoterms – Commercial impact because of Brexit – doing nothing is not an option!


Brexit Advice on Customs and Tariffs – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

Customs and Tariffs UK-EU

The EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement specifies that there will be no tariffs or quotas for goods traded between the UK and the EU… but there a catch, as this only applies to goods that qualify.