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Financial services are a key part of the UK and EU economy, providing services to commercial and retail customers.

The sector includes banking, insurance, investment and property, and employs more than 1 million people. It could be critically impacted by Brexit and is a key area for the negotiations:

UK view on a No Deal Brexit for Banking – August 2018

The key issue for both providers and users of financial services is the loss of “passporting” in the event of no-deal. Passporting essentially provides a licence to operate in European Economic Area (EEA) countries other than that in which the provider is domiciled. No-deal would mean the end of passporting, both for UK firms to EEA countries, and the converse.

HMG’s proposal, as a partial solution, is the creation of a Temporary Permissions Regime (TPR), which would act as a quasi-passporting framework, for EU service providers wishing to continue to operate within the UK. In essence, it aims to extend the licence to operate in the UK, for EEA firms, after cessation of the existing passporting arrangements.

As its name implies, it is intended to provide a temporary framework, to reduce disruption of finance-related facilities in the event of no-deal. Clearly, a longer-term solution will ultimately be needed. HOWEVER, TPR only offers a solution for one dimension of the problem. It applies only to ‘passporting-in’ of services to the UK by providers from the EEA.

UK providers of financial services to EEA countries are not covered by TPR, so a no-deal would mean loss of licence to operate in the EEA after cessation of passporting, unless, for example, the provider establishes a local subsidiary in the relevant EEA state.

The implications vary across different financial services, and types of customer. We strongly encourage members to use our Brexit Directory to access information on relevant details.

The main document on “Banking, insurance and other financial services” can be found here. The Treasury’s approach to financial services legislation under the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, along with details of draft legislation and policy notes can be found here.

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