Brexit News Interview


B-Stock’s Ben Whitaker says Brexit could be huge for the UK’s little known secondary goods market


Ben Whitaker, director for EMEA for B2B online auction platform B-Stock, which specialises in reselling liquidated, overstock and returned stock and works with some of the world’s largest retailers, explains how the secondary market is set to make huge gains from Brexit

Oakmore Builders’ Lee Summers wants his EU workers’ future here guaranteed

Lee Summers

Lee Summers, managing director of Bromley-based building services firm Oakmore Builders, shown here at the launch of the Parliamentary Review of the Construction Sector to which he contributed, is incredibly frustrated that the Government still can’t give any conclusive answers on its Brexit strategy

Siddharth Shankar, CEO of Tails Trading, explains how he helps UK businesses break into Asian markets

Siddharth Shankar

The fast-developing Asian markets offer huge opportunities for UK exporters and Siddharth Shankar, CEO of Tails Trading, says he has the formula that lets British firms crack it

KellyBronze turkeys are partly taking flight from the UK, managing director Paul Kelly explains why


International turkey breeder KellyBronze is ring-fencing its businesses and moving some of its production to Holland to minimise the disruption that Brexit will cause, reveals managing director Paul Kelly

Paper prices are already sky high, Richard Slee of Adare SEC fears Brexit will push them even higher

Richard Slee

Richard Slee, chief executive of print and digital communications solutions specialists Adare SEC, says the print industry is already battling with rising paper prices and Brexit could push them even higher

Duncan Moir, product director of Epicor Software says firms must update software ready for Brexit

Duncan Moir, product director, Epicor Software

Duncan Moir, product director of Epicor Software systems says that firms must get the right software in place before Brexit if they are to minimise the disruption and additional costs it will cause their business

Dragons’ Den winner Luca Amaduzzi says Brexit may force him to move his company CYCL abroad

Luca Amaduzzi

Luca Amaduzzi is the co-founder of the innovative bicycle safety company CYCL. He successfully negotiated a deal in the venture capital TV show Dragons’ Den, but to keep his business on the winning track post Brexit he is seriously considering relocating…

Robin Penny, managing director of Penny Hydraulics is upping his stock in preparation for no deal

Penny Hydraulics

Robin Penny managing director of Derbyshire-based lifting equipment manufacturer Penny Hydraulics Group says the prospect of a no-deal Brexit has led him to over stock

Nick Russell explains how his engineering firm Thomasons has been indirectly hit by Brexit

Nick Russell director of Thomasons

Nick Russell, director of civil and structural engineers Thomasons, who have offices across the UK, says that his firm is not personally impacted by Brexit, but as its clients are it is still having a knock-on effect

Rune Sovndahl of Fantastic Services says being flexible is key to business survival

Fantastic Services

Rune Sovndahl, co-founder and global CEO of home services provider Fantastic Services says being able to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances will be key to businesses survival post Brexit.

Joe Owen Associate Director of the think tank The Institute For Government

Joseph Owen, The Institute for Government

Joe Owen, is an associate director of the think tank The Institute For Government where he’s leading the research into Whitehall’s preparation for exiting the EU. He explains how the Institute aims to help the Brexit process and why negotiating a deal for Brexit is more complicated than any other trade deal

Interview: Taig Karanjia Is Setting Up A Dutch Base For Rex London’s EU Export Business

Rex London

Taig Karanjia, chief operations officer of gifting business Rex London is creating a base on mainland Europe to minimise any disruption to his trade with EU nations post-Brexit…

Interview: James Ecclestone is considering relocating his chocolate business to Slovakia

James Ecclestone, founder of the Grown Up Chocolate Company

James Ecclestone, founder of Essex-based confectioners the Grown Up Chocolate Company says he’s always been proud to call himself a British manufacturer, but he’s seriously considering moving to Slovakia as a result of Brexit

Interview: Brexit’s Hard To Plan For Says Matt Deighton, MD of Timeless Chesterfields

Timeless Chesterfields

Matt Deighton, managing director of Lancashire-based family-run Chesterfield furniture company Timeless Chesterfields, says that the lack of clarity on the terms of Brexit makes it particularly hard to plan for…

Interview: Nick Thompson, MD of DCSL Software, says Brexit led him to reprogramme

DCSL Software MD Nick Thompson

Nick Thompson, managing director of bespoke software solutions developer DCSL Software, based in Farnborough and London says his company was initially hit hard and fast by the Brexit vote, but it’s become stronger as a result

Interview: Florent Malbranche, CEO of staffing platform Brigad, hopes to benefit from Brexit

Brigad CEO

Florent Malbranche, CEO and founder of staffing platform Brigad, which connects workers with jobs in the hospitality industry, sees Brexit as an opportunity for growth

Interview: Alex Ingham of M.I. Supplies says government must do more to help SMEs with Brexit

Alex Ingham managing director MI Supplies on Brexit

Alex Ingham, managing director of Stockton-on-Tees-based workwear, safety and protective clothing company M.I. Supplies, explains how Brexit spurred the company to explore new territories.

Interview: Luxury goods brand Maxwell Scott reveals how it’s gearing up for Brexit

Julia Munder marketing manager of Maxwell Scott Brexit interview

Julia Munder, marketing manager of the UK-based luxury goods brand Maxwell Scott, reveals how the company began adapting for Brexit days after the referendum

At what point did you realise that Brexit was going to have an impact on your business?

Straight after the referendum, we realised that Brexit would impact the business. We are a luxury leather manufacturer and retailer…