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Brexit to blame for delay to O2’s stock market floatation


The planned IPO of UK mobile operator O2 has reportedly been put on hold as a result of the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

No deal disastrous for UK car industry warns Toyota president Akio Toyoda

Akio Toyoda

Speaking in his role as chairman of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc., Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda urged the UK Government to redouble its efforts to reach a withdrawal agreement with the EU. Anna Tobin reports

Brits could require visas to visit France from April 2019

visas to visit France

Newly published French notices for a no deal Brexit state that UK visitors to France will need a visa to enter the country and a residence permit to stay there long term. Anna Tobin reports

Men working on the bottom rung in the car industry to be worst hit by no deal

Institute for Fiscal Studies

Low-skilled men with only GCSE qualifications or less are more likely than any other group to work in industries at particular risk from possible new barriers to trade with the EU finds the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Anna Tobin investigates

Health and safety regs must continue post-Brexit states EEF/Arco report

EEF/Arco survey

The EEF, the Manufacturers Organisation, and health and safety experts Arco have co-published a report calling for current health and safety regulations to be maintained once the UK exits the EU. Anna Tobin looks at the reasoning behind this

Brexit no-deal: a consumer catastrophe? – an alarming Which? report

Brexit no-deal: a consumer catastrophe?

Which? has released a wide-ranging report into the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit with a disheartening conclusion. Anna Tobin reports

Institute for Government finds gaping holes in no deal preparation notices

Institute for Government

Think tank the Institute for Government (IfG) has assessed the Government’s technical notices that set out how Government bodies, businesses, and individuals need to prepare for a possible no deal Brexit and finds that some of the biggest questions remain unanswered. Anna Tobin reports

Latest No Deal documents cover everything from animal breeding to industrial disinfectant regulation

no deal Brexit

A further raft of detailed guidance notes on how to prepare for a no deal Brexit has been issued by Whitehall. Anna Tobin examines their contents

Brexit has hit house sales finds RICS UK Residential Market Survey

RICS UK Residential Market Survey

Homes for sale are at close to record lows, finds the latest RICS UK Residential Market Survey and Brexit is seen as a major contributing factor. Anna Tobin reports

5000 jobs to go in the City by Brexit day confirms Treasury

5,000 city jobs

John Glen MP, the economic secretary to the Treasury and Minister for the City of London told the EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee today that he agrees with the Bank of England’s estimate that the City will lose 5000 jobs by Brexit day. Anna Tobin reports

SMMT launches Brexit aid package for motor industry

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has launched its Brexit Readiness Programme in a bid to safeguard the UK’s automotive supply chain in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Controversial campaign is about protecting SMEs says Pimlico Plumbers’ Charlie Mullins

Bollocks to Brexit

Charlie Mullins OBE is the founder of Pimlico Plumbers and the man behind the controversial campaign ‘Bollocks to Brexit.’ He spoke to Anna Tobin to explain why he set up the campaign and how concerned he is at the damage Brexit will potentially do to UK SMEs

Brexit takes part of the blame for September retail sales fall

BRC – KPMG retail sales monitor September 2018

The BRC – KPMG retail sales monitor for September 2018 reveals that UK retail sales fell by 0.2% year-on-year. A number of factors contributed to this drop and Brexit uncertainty is one of them. Anna Tobin reports

Welsh cattle and sheep farmers urged to join Red Meat Benchmarking scheme

Red Meat Benchmarking

The £2.15 million Red Meat Benchmarking scheme launched today to help Welsh cattle and sheep farmers make their businesses more efficient and economic and to prepare them for Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

EU rail safety standards to continue deal or not says rail industry body RSSB


The Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB) has announced that even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the legal requirements designed to promote common safety and technical principles across all EU railways must still be met by UK rail companies and suppliers. Anna Tobin reports

MHRA seeks views on no-deal proposals on medicines, clinical trials and medical devices

MHRA Brexit consultation

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is inviting comment on how its legislation and regulatory processes should be adapted in the eventuality of a no-deal Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Sofa group DFS’s Brexit plan puts pressure on suppliers


Upholstery retailer DFS Furniture PLC used the announcement of its preliminary results to outline how it is preparing for Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

A Brexit briefing that explains the true cost of various Brexit scenarios

Brexit briefing

Business consultant Richard Barfield who runs BrexitFactBase has produced an in-depth report that explains how different Brexit scenarios could impact the UK’s global status as a trading nation. Anna Tobin reports

If you receive Horizon 2020 funding you must register your project on the UKRI portal to safeguard it

Horizon 2020 portal

All UK-based parties that receive funding from Horizon 2020, the EU’s programme for science and innovation, are urged to register their related projects on a portal managed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). Anna Tobin reports

The Fairtrade Foundation goes bananas to show the importance of delivering a Fairtrade Brexit

Fairtrade Brexit

The Fairtrade Foundation, which campaigns to get a better deal for producers and workers in developing countries, warns that an increase in trade tariffs could seriously damage the Fairtrade banana market and many other Fairtrade industries. Anna Tobin reports

A Canada-style Brexit proposal is ‘naive and unrealistic’ says the EEF – the manufacturers’ organisation

Canada-style Brexit

A Canada-style Brexit trade agreement has been talked up recently as a possible alternative to a no-deal Brexit, but Stephen Phipson, chief executive officer of EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, warns that it’s not the answer. Anna Tobin reports

Find out what a Canada-style Brexit deal could look like and discover why it is not going to be a quick fix

Canada style Brexit

As the prospect of a no-deal Brexit becomes ever-more likely, attention has turned to whether a Canada-style Free Trade Agreement (FTA) could be negotiated once the UK has left the EU. Anna Tobin investigates how easily and effectively such a deal could be achieved.

The EU deal with Canada…

The majority of small businesses have not begun their Brexit preparations finds the FSB

UK retailers

Only 14% of small businesses have begun planning for Brexit, finds new research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Anna Tobin reports

The FSB report found that only one in seven small business have begun planning for Brexit…

Suffolk-based St Peter’s Brewery signs lucrative Chinese export contract amidst Brexit uncertainty

Keen to expand its export footprint in the wake of Brexit, Suffolk-based St Peter’s Brewery has signed a deal with a Chinese importer. Anna Tobin reports

The Federation of Small Businesses issues Brexit warning in response to Government’s No Deal prep

FSB issues Brexit warning

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has warned the Government that the current state of the Brexit negotiations is extremely worrying for small businesses and that its latest no-deal Brexit preparation documents have not allayed those fears. Anna Tobin reports

Responding to this week’s release of another tranche of…

Retailer Next PLC warns of cost to business of no deal Brexit and provides some pointers for Government

Next issues Brexit warning

When releasing its half-year results, British homeware and clothing retailer Next PLC issued a stark warning about the problems that a no deal Brexit will cause the business. Anna Tobin reports

Next PLC dedicated a large chunk of its half-year report to July 2018 to explaining its Brexit preparations…

The Government’s latest no deal Brexit prep documents reinforce the fact that no deal will be a huge deal

no deal Brexit

While the UK Government is still working towards a deal, it has released another batch of planning advice documents for a no deal Brexit. These cover topics as diverse as intellectual property to the manufacturing and marketing of fertilisers. Anna Tobin reports

The Government’s updated list of guidance notes…

Manufacturing output slows, but remains above average finds the latest CBI Industrial Trends Survey

UK manufacturing

The latest CBI Industrial Trends Survey of 409 firms, shows that UK manufacturing output growth slowed in the three months to September, but stayed above the long-term average. Anna Tobin reports

In ten of the 17 sub-sectors, output grew. The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) report found that growth was driven largely by…

UK export growth slumps to lowest level since the Brexit referendum finds the European Export Index

UK exports

UK export growth has fallen for a sixth consecutive quarter and is nearing the point of contraction according to the latest European Export Index published by accountants and business advisers BDO LLP. Anna Tobin reports

UK export growth has dropped significantly and was the worst performing of the largest five EU economies in the last quarter…

No deal is a distinct possibility warns KPMG in a stark warning to business following the EU leaders’ meeting


Following the EU leaders’ meeting in Salzburg, Austria, global professional services firm KPMG has warned that the chances of a no deal Brexit are now higher than ever and urged businesses to prepare accordingly. Anna Tobin reports

Following today’s summit of EU leaders in Austria…

It’s not just the large corporations like BMW who are prepping for Brexit, these SMEs are getting busy too

SMEs preparing for Brexit

German car manufacturer BMW revealed this week that it was moving a planned month shut down of its Oxfordshire plant to April 2019 to coincide with when the UK exits the EU, many SMEs are also now taking decisive action to protect themselves from the predicted turbulent effects of Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

FSB slams the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) report for not supporting SMEs


The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has responded to the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) report on EEA migration in the UK and it’s not happy with its findings where SMEs are concerned. Anna Tobin reports

Among the recommendations of the MAC report was for Tier 2 migration opportunities to be…

If UK immigration policy is not included in any EU deal, end preferential treatment for EU workers recommends the MAC

Migration Advisory Committee

The Government’s Migration Advisory Committee has published its final report on EEA migration in the UK. Anna Tobin looks at its findings

In July 2017, the Home Office commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee…

IMF says any Brexit scenario will cost the UK, with no deal posing the biggest threat to the economy

Christine Lagarde

Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns that a no deal Brexit leading the UK to return to World Trade Organization rules will be extremely costly for the UK. Anna Tobin reports

The newly published IMF’s annual review of the British economy concludes that any Brexit scenario will be costly for the UK…

The Institute for Government looks at how Government is preparing for Brexit with just six months to go

Brexit: six months to go

Think tank the Institute for Government has published a report entitled Brexit: six months to go, which looks at the progress the Government has made in delivering Brexit and what still needs to be done. Anna Tobin reports

Brexit leads the British Chambers of Commerce to downgrade its economic forecast for 2018 and 2019

British Chambers of Commerce economic forecast

The British Chambers of Commerce economic forecast has been downgraded as a result of Brexit uncertainty hitting investment and trade. Anna Tobin reports

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) today (September 17 2018) downgraded its growth expectations for the UK economy. It forecasts that GDP growth for 2018 will be 1.1%, down from 1.3%…

UK Government issues second tranche of documents on how to prepare for no deal Brexit

how to plan for no deal

The UK Government has published its second major tranche of documents advising individuals and organisations on how to plan for no deal. Anna Tobin reports

While the Government is still working towards a deal with the EU, it recognises that there is a possibility that the UK…

Brexit has cost the UK economy over 1% of its GDP since the referendum finds Scope Ratings

Brexit's cost to the economy

European credit rating agency Scope Ratings says even if a no deal Brexit is avoided, Brexit has already cost the UK economy over 1% of its GDP since the referendum. Anna Tobin reports

Scope expects the UK to avoid a no-deal scenario, but…

The Brexit tariff cruncher – find out what tariffs you could be paying if there is a no deal Brexit

Brexit tariff cruncher

Unsure of what tariffs you could be paying on your goods if the UK exits the EU without a deal? The Government’s little-known trade tariff search could prove useful reports Anna Tobin

If the UK exits the EU without a deal, World Trade Organization (WTO) rules will apply to all UK trade…

Zurich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Vienna and Milan benefit from Brexit uncertainty as London loses out finds GFCI24

Global Financial Centres Index

The City of London lost out to New York in the September 2018 Global Financial Centres Index, which evaluates future competitiveness and rankings for 100 major financial centres around the globe. Anna Tobin reports

The September 2018 Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI24), produced by…

DEFRA is not ready for Brexit finds the National Audit Office and food and livestock exports could be seriously hit

DEFRA prepares for Brexit

A report by the National Audit Office has found that The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has made good progress with its preparations for Brexit, but it still faces huge challenges, particularly when it comes to averting food and livestock delays…

The uncertainty of Brexit is leading businesses to delay recruitment decisions claims The Adecco Group

Recruiting after Brexit

The majority of UK businesses feel that they lack the necessary information to start making decisions about their post-Brexit recruitment strategy, according to new research by the CIPD and The Adecco Group. Anna Tobin reports

The Adecco Group’s quarterly Brexit tracker is compiled using data from the…

The Port of Antwerp courts British trade with a UK roadshow demonstrating that it’s ready for Brexit

Port of Antwerp's Brexit preparations

The Port of Antwerp assures British companies who bring goods through the port that it has everything prepared for Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

With an annual freight volume of around 15 million tonnes, the UK is the Port of Antwerp’s third-largest maritime trading partner…

Fears Brexit will cause a severe shortage of software developers finds survey by software company Pivotal

Brexit could lead to a shortage of software developers in the UK, reveals research by software company Pivotal. Anna Tobin reports

UK businesses need to prepare themselves for a software skills shortfall post Brexit, finds a survey commissioned by Pivotal Software, Inc…

The list of companies setting up headquarters or bases on mainland Europe ahead of Brexit grows

Companies leaving the UK because of Brexit

Many companies are setting up additional companies in the EU or moving their headquarters to an EU country in a bid to minimise the negative fall-out they expect Brexit to have on their businesses. Anna Tobin looks at who is going where

The number of companies leaving the UK because of Brexit is growing…

Universities call for a new visa to encourage foreign graduates to stay and work in the UK post Brexit

visas for foreign graduates

Universities UK, the body that speaks for the UK university sector, has called on the Government to create a new visa that would allow international students to stay and work in the UK for up to two years after graduation. Anna Tobin reports

The post-study work visa, which enables non-EU international students…

The UK will lose more than it gains from no deal Brexit says think tank The UK in a Changing Europe

Negative impact of No Deal

The cons resulting from exiting the EU without a deal far outweigh the pros says think tank The UK in a Changing Europe in its report The Cost of No Deal Revisited, published September 3, 2018. Anna Tobin examines its findings…

Importer or exporter? What you need to know about trading after Brexit in the event of no deal scenario

importing and exporting post Brexit

Now that the Government has published its first batch of Technical Notices on the implications of a No Deal outcome to Brexit, British companies that trade internationally are in a position to get better prepared for this scenario. Anna Tobin examines what this entails

Importing and exporting post Brexit will become a much lengthier process. The UK will become what is known as a ‘third country’ when…

CBI chief economist Rain Newton-Smith urges the Government to put people’s livelihoods above politics

Effects of Brexit on service sector

Responding to the findings of the latest quarterly CBI Services Sector Survey, Rain Newton-Smith, the CBI’s chief economist, calls on the Government and the EU to finalise the Withdrawal Agreement and support people’s jobs. Anna Tobin reports

Government Publishes Several Documents On How To Prepare For The Possibility Of A No Deal Brexit

No Deal Brexit

The Government has started to issue the first of a number of documents advising the British people how to prepare for Brexit in the event of a failure to agree on a deal. Anna Tobin reports…

Brexit Could Be A Nightmare For The Insurance Industry Warns Kennedys

How Brexit will impact the insurance industry

Unless the Government breaks its current political deadlock over Brexit, 2019 will be a horrific year for the British insurance industry, warns international law firm Kennedys. Anna Tobin reports

In its latest insurance industry report entitled Brexit and the Insurance Sector: Towards 2020 and Beyond, Kennedys states…

The Institute For Government Assesses How Brexit Could Now Pan Out

The next phase of Brexit

As the UK enters the end game of Brexit, think tank The Institute For Government published its report looking at how it could now play out. Anna Tobin reports

The publication entitled Autumn surprises: possible scenarios for the next phase of Brexit…

The UK Manufacturing Industry Is Preparing For A No Deal Brexit Finds Academic Report

UK manufacturing

British manufacturers are making preparations for a No Deal Brexit and are looking at their options outside of the EU, finds a new study by Sheffield Hallam University and SSG Insight. Anna Tobin reports

Harnessing Brexit, Technology and Insight: British Manufacturers, a Competitive Edge in an Age of Uncertainty and Opportunity is the title of a new report…

Brexit Is Leading To A Talent Shortage And Recruitment Struggles Finds CIPD and Adecco

Labour Market Outlook

A stark reduction in EU nationals entering the UK coincides with a significant drop in suitable job applicants finds a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and The Adecco Group. Anna Tobin reports

The latest quarterly Labour Market Outlook from the CIPD and The Adecco Group, based on a survey of 2,001 employers, has found that pay rises will be stable at 2% for most workers…

Brexit Induced Labour Shortages Could Crush The British Summer Fruits Industry

British Summer Fruits

The British summer fruits industry is concerned that the Government is not doing enough to safeguard the supply of seasonal agricultural workers from the EU post-Brexit. Anna Tobin reports…

The NFU Warns That Britain Doesn’t Produce Enough Food To Feed Itself For A Year

run out of food

The National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has warned that Britain would run out of food within a year if it was forced to be self-sufficient. Anna Tobin reports

The president of the NFU Minette Batters has warned the Government that a year today, 7 August 2019, is the day that Britain would run out of food if…

Government Briefs The Life Sciences Sector On The Upcoming Implementation Period

Life sciences and Brexit

The Government has just published guidance notes on what the Brexit implementation period means for those in the life sciences industries. Anna Tobin reports

The guidance notes published August 6, 2018, show that as those in the sector are already aware, the impact of Brexit on life sciences is going to be significant, but the implementation period brings some breathing space…

UK Licensed Broadcasters May Have Problems Broadcasting Within Europe Post Brexit

Ofcom-licensed broadcasters

Ofcom-licensed broadcasters whose channels are exported to the EU, may need to obtain individual country licenses to continue broadcasting in Europe post Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Those Ofcom-licensed broadcasters who broadcast within the EU Television companies may have to reassess which countries they transmit to after Brexit…

93% Of UK Businesses Expect To See Their Revenues Drop in 2019 Largely Due To Brexit

MHR Analytics

Brexit has been named as the prime reason that 93% of UK businesses claim to be expecting a fall in revenues in 2019, according to a survey by MHR Analytics. Anna Tobin reports

Specialist provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions MHR Analytics used independent polling company Censuswide…

Currencies Direct Survey Finds That Brexit Spurs SMEs To Consider International Expansion

SMEs are looking at international expansion

A survey by international payments provider Currencies Direct has found that the majority of UK SMEs are looking at international expansion as a way of growing their business as a result of Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Currencies Direct’s research showed that 84% of UK SMEs are looking at international expansion and 57% thought that international trade generally offered more opportunities than challenges…

Businesses Are Offering Enticing Incentives To Stop EU Workers Going Abroad

EU workers

Research by immigration law firm Migrate UK states that companies are paying up to £100,000 in incentives in a bid to keep EU workers on their payroll. Anna Tobin reports

Migrate UK surveyed one thousand HR Directors from organisations who employ over 250 EU workers in the UK. The survey completed between June 21 and 22 2018 found that of those polled, 66% struggled to recruit staff with the sufficient skills since the Brexit referendum. This rose to 86% for banking, 83% for finance and 79% for IT sectors…

Government Publishes Employers Toolkit On The EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme

Today, July 25, 2018, the UK Government published an employer toolkit that is designed to equip employers with the necessary tools and information required to support their employees who are EU citizens and their families through the EU Settlement Scheme. Anna Tobin reports

The online toolkit available here includes six documents…

Brexit Could Lead To Falling Food Safety Standards Says Food Brexit Briefing

Food safety standards could fall

Leading food policy experts are warning the UK government, the food industry and the public that the political uncertainties surrounding Brexit could threaten the safety and integrity of food being sold and consumed in the UK and exported abroad. Anna Tobin reports…

The IMF Warns Both The EU And The UK Are Set To Lose Out From Brexit


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) warns in its July 2018 Country Report that the UK’s departure from the EU will negatively impact both sides. Anna Tobin reports

The latest Country Report from the IMF looks at how integrated the UK is now with the EU and then given this relationship it assesses how different Brexit scenarios will impact on the UK and EU members…

EC Publishes Seven Points That Businesses Must Consider To Prepare For Brexit


In a bid to help businesses in the EU make the necessary changes and get ready for Brexit, the European Commission has published a factsheet detailing how businesses in the EU27 can prepare for Britain exiting the Union. Anna Tobin reports

Seven Things Businesses in the EU27 Need to Know in Order to Prepare for Brexit is the title of the European Commission’s factsheet and it recommends the following…

UK Pharmaceutical Industry Welcomes Trade Bill Amendment on Medicines


UK pharmaceutical bodies have welcomed the news that Parliament has voted in favour of amendment NC17 to the Brexit Trade Bill, which will make it a negotiating objective for the UK Government to seek the UK’s participation in the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) European medicines regulatory network. Anna Tobin reports

Britain’s Largest Dairy Warns Brexit Could Result in Less Choice and Higher Prices

Dairy group Arla

Arla, Britain’s largest dairy business, warns that Brexit could result in less choice, higher prices and lower food standards as a result of border changes. Anna Tobin reports

Arla Foods UK, the country’s largest dairy company, has warned that if Brexit were to result in non-tariff barriers to trade and restricted access to labour, it would have a huge impact on the country’s dairy industry…

The Royal Town Planning Institute Assesses How Brexit Could Impact UK Land Use

The Royal Town Planning Institute has published a briefing paper produced in conjunction with the sustainability think tank the Institute for European Environmental Policy, looking at how different Brexit scenarios could affect land use in the UK. It indicates that environmental regulations could become heavily diluted. Anna Tobin reports

Almost 40% of UK Exporters Want to Retain Access to the Single Market

UK export docks

A survey by the Institute of Export and International Trade has found that 39.75% of UK exporters would like the UK to stay in the Single Market following Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

A Brexit survey of the Institute of Export and International Trade has found that two years on from the referendum 39.75% of UK exporters said that continued membership of the Single Market was of the highest possible importance, scoring it ten out of ten. This has increased year-on-year from 33.6% in 2017…

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board Creates Brexit Impact Calculator

Dairy farming

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has created a tool to help farmers assess the impact that Brexit could have on their business. Anna Tobin reports

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) has designed the Brexit Impact Calculator to forecast how different Brexit scenarios could impact on farming businesses.

The CBI Issues a Warm Response to the UK Government’s Brexit White Paper

UK parliament

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has issued a warm response to the UK Government’s Brexit White Paper and pushes the government to move quickly now. Anna Tobin reports

In a statement published in response to the UK government’s White Paper on the future of the relationship between the UK and the EU, Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the CBI, said…

KPMG welcomes the UK government’s White Paper on Brexit

KPMG Canary Wharf office

One of the UK’s largest providers of professional services KPMG UK has issued a statement responding to the UK government’s White Paper on the future of the relationship between the UK and the EU. Anna Tobin reports

In response to the UK government’s Brexit White Paper, James Stewart, KPMG UK’s head of Brexit said: ‘Most businesses will welcome today’s White Paper…

UK government publishes White Paper on future UK-EU27 relationship

Houses of Parliament

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Amazon and Enterprise Nation’s SME Growth Tracker forecasts a change in fortunes for SMEs exporting to the EU

Revenue growth forecast rises

Things are looking up for SMEs in financial services and manufacturing, but SMEs that export to the EU have a tough road ahead finds the Quarter 2, 2018 SME Growth Tracker. Anna Tobin reports

OFX survey finds shoots of optimism about Brexit amongst SMEs

SMEs more upbeat about Brexit

A survey by international payments company OFX embargoed until today, July 10, 2018, but carried out prior to the recent cabinet reshuffle, finds that SMEs are now more positive about Brexit than they were when surveyed a year ago. Anna Tobin reports

The key findings of the OFX annual survey of 500 UK small business owners and senior managers at businesses with between 10 and 249 employees. found that SMEs are starting to feel more positive about international trade, particularly within Western Europe.

CEO of Jaguar Land Rover urges UK government to provide clarity on Brexit

Jaguar Land Rover asks for clarity on Brexit

Professor Doctor Ralf Speth, the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover has urged the UK government to provide clarity on Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

The CEO of Britain’s largest car manufacturer issued a statement July 4, 2018 calling on the UK government to rapidly provide certainty for business and to guarantee tariff-free access and frictionless trade with the European Union.

The Brexit questions that the British Chambers of Commerce says business want the government to answer

Brexit questions business wants government to answer

The British Chambers of Commerce has found that there are a number of Brexit questions that businesses want the government to answer. Anna Tobin takes a look at the concerns causing them to raise their hands

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has devised a traffic-light system for assessing the answers to key questions British businesses have on Brexit.

PWC looks at how Brexit could impact the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries

Pharmaceuticals and life sciences and Brexit

Professional services multinational PwC has released a report looking at how Brexit could impact on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries and it highlights a number of key points, reports Anna Tobin

The TUC and CBI issue joint statement on citizens rights post Brexit

Frances O'Grady TUC general secretary Brexit

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have come together to urge the UK government and the EU to guarantee citizens’ rights after March 29, 2019. The two organisations represent millions of public and private sector workers and 190,000 businesses.

In a joint statement Frances O’Grady, general secretary of the TUC and Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the CBI, said: ‘After 15 months of human poker, the uncertainty facing four million European and UK citizens has become intolerable.

What is the World Trade Organisation (WTO) model of Brexit?

World Trade Organization in Geneva on Brexit

If the UK leaves the EU on 29 March 2019 without an agreed trade deal, businesses that export from the UK or import into the UK will have to operate under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. Anna Tobin explains what this means

The European Banking Authority (EBA) urges financial institutions not to delay Brexit prep

Financial services must prepare for Brexit

The European Banking Authority (EBA) warns financial institutions that they must make contingency plans for a No Deal Brexit, reports Anna Tobin

The European Banking Authority is an independent EU Authority charged with ensuring effective and consistent prudential regulation and supervision across the Europe’s banks and financial institutions. Today, June 25, 2018, it highlighted its concern that financial institutions are failing to make contingency plans to cover themselves should the UK leave the EU without a ratified withdrawal agreement…

Airbus issues No Deal Brexit warning

Brexit could mean exit for AIrbus

Airbus has issued a warning that a No Deal Brexit could pose a serious risk to its business, reports Anna Tobin

In a statement, the European aerospace manufacturer said:  ‘The UK exiting the EU next year without a deal – therefore leaving both the single market and customs union immediately and without any agreed transition – would lead to severe disruption and interruption of UK production.

Brexit is reshaping the UK’s economic landscape says Dun & Bradstreet

Ed Thorne managing director Dun & Bradstreet on Brexit

Global data and analytics company Dun & Bradstreet published a report June 22, 2018, looking at the impact of Brexit two years on. While some of it makes uncomfortable reading, it has also revealed some positives, reports Anna Tobin

‘Our report Brexit: Two Years On is a pulse check in terms of where business is in the UK,’ explains Ed Thorne, managing director, Dun & Bradstreet UK. ‘Ultimately what it has revealed is that it’s an incredibly uncertain environment. Although some companies have proactively embraced Brexit, there has also been a lot of stagnation, with businesses waiting to see what is going to happen.’

The report found that 53% of business leaders feel that the impact of Brexit has been positive and 42% feel that it has been negative…

The Institute for Government Asks How Ready is Whitehall for Brexit?

Is Whitehall ready for Brexit

Think tank The Institute for Government (IfG) released a report on June 10, 2018, looking at how ready Whitehall is for Brexit. We take a look at the key findings:

The politicians have pushed the Brexit button. They are the people that we see and hear daily in the media trying to steer the UK on a smooth course…

Irish Brexit websites

The Irish government has set up a Brexit hub.  “Up to date information on the Brexit negotiations brought to you by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.”

Enterprise Ireland also has a hub and self-assessment questionnaire.  “Enterprise Ireland is committed to supporting its clients in preparing for the risks and opportunities that Brexit poses. Despite the uncertainty, Irish companies can and should be taking immediate action to mitigate the potential risks and position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities.”

The Netherlands government’s Brexit websites

The Netherlands has set up 3 websites to help companies and individuals understand the potential implications of Brexit.  It is in Dutch, but Google can translate to your language: is an initiative of the national government and its implementing organizations“On 29 March 2019 the United Kingdom will leave the European Union. Then Brexit is a fact. Do you do business with the United Kingdom? Or do you plan that? Then prepare yourself for doing business with a country outside the EU.The national government helps you with this.

Brexit developments. “The United Kingdom wants to leave the European Union. This was officially notified to the European Union (EU) by the United Kingdom (UK) on 29 March 2017. In the two years that follow, the UK and the EU negotiate the conditions for Brexit. And about their future relationship. The UK consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.”

Brexit preparations.  “This scan is for all companies in the Netherlands. The Brexit can hit any company, even if you do not suspect it at first. Go through the entire scan to discover unsuspected effects for your company.”

Federation of Small Businesses Brexit hub

The Brexit site of the Federation of Small Businesses aims to “ensure our members get the best deal out of Brexit”.  4 reports produced in March – July 2017 are also available for download:

Companies risk running out of time to prepare for the changes that will most affect their business

An important article in the Harvard Business Review which suggests:

“Only a minority of firms are well ahead in planning and preparing a UK market strategy. At the recent Brexit Workshop we held for clients — in this case, 19 UK heads of some of the world’s largest multinational firms — 10 of them had not started or had only just begun planning for Brexit.

British Chambers of Commerce issue advice on Brexit preparation

A new Report from the British Chambers of Commerce urges businesses to begin preparing now for Brexit, and suggests “Business needs to look hard at how they will operate under new conditions in the future”.

CBI publishes ‘An A-Z of the EU rules that matter for the economy’

This major new Report from the CBI provides an A to Z of the rules that will matter after the transition period. From architects to zoos, it outlines the regulatory needs of 23 industry and service sectors.

Download CBI ‘An A-Z of the EU rules that matter for the economy’,
or visit the dedicated CBI webpage

Official Reports from the UK Parliament on Brexit

All publications from the UK House of Commons Select Committee on Exiting the EU are available here

All publications from the UK House of Lords Select Committee on Exiting the EU are available here

If ‘Brexit means Brexit’, what does Brexit mean?

Global incidence of protectionism

The summer is over, and the UK government now has the job of deciding its objectives for the Brexit negotiations. These, like all major negotiations, will no doubt be long and difficult.  They will also inevitably create major uncertainty for companies, investors and individuals as they progress. I have personally led major negotiations in a [...]

Brexit letter meant end of business as usual for the UK

UK exports to EU tariffs

  The UK economy set off into the Great Unknown in March 2017, when premier Theresa May officially notified the European Union of the UK’s intention to leave (Brexit) by the end of March 2019. In response, the EU released its draft guidelines for the negotiations: “The first phase of the negotiations should aim to agree on a divorce settlement on [...]