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Is your No-Deal Brexit Survival Kit at the ready?

No deal Brexit survival kit

The vote on the Withdrawal Agreement has been postponed. The Brexit uncertainty continues. We’re close to 100 days until Brexit day and a no-deal Brexit has never looked more likely.

If you’re not familiar with the A to Z of Brexit, now is the time to become enlightened

A to Z of Brexit

Brexit is complicated. And, it is only going to get more so. If you’ve let the ins and the outs of the negotiations pass you by until now, hoping that some clarity would emerge that’s unlikely to happen any time soon.

No Deal is still a very real possibility

No Deal Brexit

The Withdrawal Agreement is not a done deal until it has been ratified by Parliament and this is not a certainty.

Reality is starting to bite, business needs a deal, but it might not materialise

Brexit checklist

Reality is biting. There is a Withdrawal Agreement on the table. It’s not ideal, but the Institute of Directors, the CBI, and the National Farmers Union are among the pillars of industry who have put their weight behind it.

Should you be looking further afield than the EU?

Brexit Checklist

China is being heavily talked up by various trade delegations as a fantastic alternative or supplementary market to the EU. The author of Selling to China: A Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Stanley Chau, writes in our latest Analysis piece that trading with China is relatively easy. 

How do you prepare for Brexit when you don’t know what the outcome is going to be?

Brexit checklist

How do you prepare for Brexit when you don’t know what the outcome is going to be? That’s the question that Deborah Price, managing director of British Boxers asked in our latest interview. And it’s one that we can all identify with.

Stockpiling for Brexit is the latest business trend

Stockpiling for Brexit

Companies big and small are now stockpiling for Brexit. No deal is something that none of us want, but it’s an ominous storm cloud that looks increasingly likely to break over our isles.

Time to audit your business’s readiness for Brexit with our Brexsure Brexit audit tool

Brexsure Brexit audit tool

The Ready for Brexit Brexsure audit tool launched this week. Months in gestation, the Brexsure Brexit audit tool has been carefully designed to give a pretty accurate picture of how smoothly your business will sail through Brexit.

The Brexit checklist will ease your Brexit frustration

Brexit checklist

SMEs are getting increasingly frustrated with the continuing uncertainty over the process by which the UK will exit the EU. The large PLCs are throwing millions of pounds at their designated Brexit teams whose goal is to have a contingency plan for every possible Brexit scenario.

Editor’s Note: No sitting on the sofa for DFS suppliers with Brexit

Brexit prep

A footnote within furniture group DFS’s preliminary financial report this week drove home how the Brexit effect will impact on almost every business in the UK in some way. DFS wrote that it hopes that its partner suppliers will increase the near-shore supply of the timber and fabric that they supply them with.

The Government is no nearer to solving the Brexit puzzle. SMEs must prepare for no deal

Brexit puzzle

We knew that unpicking the UK from the EU was always going to be one heck of a puzzle. Sadly the Government seems no closer to solving it. It’s time to take their preparation notes for a no deal Brexit seriously.

The Government’s latest batch of no-deal planning notices is not an easy read. I’ve read them cover to cover…

Ready for Brexit’s mission is to get you through Brexit at minimal cost to your business

Brexit help for SMEs

Once upon a time, soon after the referendum, a bunch of experienced business people began to realise that Brexit probably wasn’t going to be a walk in the park.

It’s time to devise a methodical and organised plan for preparing your company for Brexit

Brexit checklist

Whichever side you stand on in the Brexit debate, the UK’s withdrawal from the EU is a mess. Unpicking decades of regulations that bind the UK to the EU was always going to be tricky. Ready for Brexit was set up in recognition of this.

We are an impartial business advice service …

The big fish are getting ready for Brexit, now the little fish need to rapidly follow their lead

SMEs preparing for Brexit

The latest news on Brexit makes depressing reading. The post-Brexit forecasts predict talent drains, shortages, and hold-ups at the borders. The big fish are publicly stating how they are getting ready for Brexit, SMEs must prepare for Brexit too and there is no time to lose.

This week, we’ve learned about large corporations such as…

Today is the day to put your Brexit plan into action. Don’t put it off any longer

Planning for Brexit

Understandably, many SMEs have put off planning for Brexit until the day arose when they actually knew what they were planning for. Now that the Government has published its first batch of Technical Notices advising what businesses need to do in the event of a no deal Brexit, it is vital that you start planning for Brexit now.

No Deal is a huge deal, particularly for SMEs, Ready for Brexit will help steer you through it

No Deal Brexit

The Government may call it “unlikely”, but that doesn’t mean that SMEs can simply ignore its raft of documents detailing how a No Deal Brexit will impact most businesses, either directly and/or indirectly…

Don’t Act Like A Pawn In The Brexit Waiting Game, Create A Strategy Now

Brexit's impact on SMEs

It’s been over two years since the referendum on Brexit and, as our countdown ticker shows, we’re just months away from our official exit from the EU. Many SMEs have understandably tried to get on with the work at hand while waiting to see what the terms of Brexit would be and how it will affect them.

After all, it’s difficult to prepare for something when you don’t know exactly what you’re preparing for…

This isn’t the place to read about the latest political infighting

Ready for Brexit Editors Note

Ready for Brexit has been set up to help businesses deal with the challenges and opportunities created by Brexit. In particular, we are here to assist SMEs who, unlike the large PLCs, don’t have the resources to create a full-time Brexit planning team.