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SCALA’s MD John Perry urges SMEs to assess how their supply chains will withstand Brexit


John Perry, managing director of supply chain and logistics consultancy SCALA highlights why it is so important that small businesses audit their supply chains now to protect themselves from the effects of Brexit  

Check your currency exposure and lock-in rates now tips OFX’s Jake Trask

Jake Trask

Jake Trask, FX research director at international payments company OFX, advises SMEs who work in foreign currencies to check their currency exposure and lock-in rates now to lessen the pain later

Add Brexit clauses to contracts tips Martin Reed of Incentive FM

Martin Reed Incentive FM

Martin Reed, CEO of facilities management company Incentive FM Group advises those in the facilities management industry to include clauses in their contracts that offer them protection from the uncertainty of Brexit and from open-ended cost increases

Could the cloud become a digital no-man’s land post-Brexit asks Darren Hockley

Darren Hockley

Darren Hockley, managing director of eLearning provider DeltaNet International warns that the status of data held in the cloud may not be clear post-Brexit

Transport distribution industry will be hit hard by no deal warns Shippeo’s Steve Holmes


Steve Holmes, UK director of European supply-chain provider Shippeo, warns that the transport distribution industry in the UK and the EU will be hit hard in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Ed Rimmer of 1pm plc urges SMEs to cover all their finance bases for Brexit

1pm plc

Ed Rimmer, group managing director of independent finance facility provider 1pm plc, says it’s vital that SMEs consider all their finance options to minimise the negative effects of Brexit

China loves British products and breaking into the market is relatively simple

Stanley Chao

Stanley Chao is the author of Selling to China: A Guide for Small for Medium-Sized Businesses and managing director of US-based consulting firm All In Consulting, which helps Western companies expand into Asia. Here he explains why entering the Chinese market is easier than you think 

Being compliant with UK legislation and EU legislation will be challenging warns Aziz Rahman

Rahman Ravelli

Aziz Rahman, senior partner at law firm Rahman Ravelli explains why UK banks and other organisations could face extra obligations following Brexit

Post-Brexit could UK businesses be tarnished by EU anti-money laundering rules?

Fieldfisher on EU anti-money laundering legislation and UK companies

Corporate crime partner Francesca Titus and corporate crime associate Elliott Kenton from European law firm Fieldfisher explain how moves to tighten up EU anti-money laundering (AML) legislation could side-line UK companies

Prep is key to surviving Brexit says Rick Smith of Forbes Burton

Forbes Burton

Rick Smith, managing director of company rescue specialists Forbes Burton is an expert at keeping struggling businesses afloat. He says if a company is to survive and thrive post-Brexit, preparation for it is key

Retailers must be creative to fill warehouse jobs post-Brexit says Brightpearl’s CEO Derek O’Carroll

Derek O'Carroll

Derek O’Carroll, chief executive officer of retail automation system provider Brightpearl says that retailers must be creative to survive a possible Brexit induced warehouse labour shortage

Experts at European law firm Field Fisher asks how can UK fintechs continue to thrive after Brexit?

fintech and Brexit

Simon Lafferty, associate, banking and finance; James Walsh, partner, technology and outsourcing; and, George McLellan, associate, regulatory group, all from European law firm Field Fisher look at what the future holds for the UK fintech industry post Brexit

Dan Ennor of Global Freight Solutions says Brexit could spur businesses to explore new markets

Dan Ennor GFS

Dan Ennor, commercial director of Global Freight Solutions (GFS), says that Brexit could incentivise businesses to expand globally

Immigration analyst Karendeep Kaur explains how to obtain a sponsor license

Karendeep Kaur

Karendeep Kaur, immigration analyst at immigration law specialist, Migrate UK, explains how to go about obtaining sponsor licenses for non-European economic area (EEA) citizens

Jake Trask of OFX assesses how Brexit could impact international payments

Jake Trask

Jake Trask, FX research director at international payments company OFX, says locking in exchange rates could be one way to protect your business against the uncertainties caused by Brexit

In 2016, Britain’s shock decision to exit the European Union triggered volatile exchange rates…

The falling pound brings positives and negatives for business

Custom Planet

John Armstrong, director and co-owner of printwear and branding specialist Custom Planet is working on exploiting the pros and minimising the cons of the falling pound

This article is the view of the author and not necessarily of Ready for Brexit

Although the UK voted to leave the European Union back in June 2016, more than two years later most business owners are still unsure of what Brexit will actually entail…

Reassess your supply chain management to see how Brexit will impact

Lionel Taylor (left) and John Bugej of the Trade Advisory Network

Lionel Taylor and John Bugeja, founders of specialist trade and supply chain finance consulting firm the Trade Advisory Network, say that SMEs have to assess every aspect of their supply chain to see how it will be impacted by Brexit and what steps need to be taken to exploit the opportunities and mitigate the pitfalls of exiting the EU

The political discussions around Brexit have become ever more consuming as the intrigue and divisions between the different factions intensify…

Brexit will have a significant impact on those in the insurance industry

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, founder and CEO of Tapoly insurance company

The insurance industry will have to adapt its business plans and working practices as a result of Brexit, says Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, founder and CEO of Tapoly

Firms that trade should consider registering for AEO status now

AEO consultant David Miller

David Miller, customs and AEO Consultant at The Customs People says that businesses involved in importing and exporting should think about registering for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status now to minimise any potential delays resulting from Brexit

Business mustn’t feel paralysed by Brexit uncertainty, it must start adapting now

Adjuno's Alan Gunner

Alan Gunner, business development director of supply chain platform Adjuno says businesses mustn’t be complacent about Brexit, they must act now to protect their future

The lack of clarity surrounding Brexit continues to engulf the headline news, as more and more UK businesses question what impact this move will have on their organisation. Everything is still opaque; there has been little progress made on resolving key items, leaving the majority of businesses feeling frustrated and apprehensive…

Analysis: Staff retention is key to surviving in the hospitality industry post Brexit

John Coldicutt, Planday

For businesses operating in the hospitality sector, now is the time to plan for the UK leaving the EU says John Coldicutt, chief commercial officer of the workforce collaboration software company, Planday

With so much uncertainty about the future relationship between the UK and the EU, it’s perhaps not surprising that there is also a great deal of uncertainty about what Brexit will mean for the country, some businesses are worried about the ramifications on the wider workforce, skills and supply chains, especially in the hospitality sector

Analysis: It’s time to future-proof recruitment policies in readiness for Brexit

Gary McIndoe, managing director, Latitude Law

For businesses employing non-UK citizens, now is the time to start future-proofing recruitment and retention policies and plans in readiness for the UK leaving the EU says Gary McIndoe, immigration solicitor and managing director of specialist business immigration law firm, Latitude Law.

This article is the view of the authors and not necessarily of Ready for Brexit

Analysis: SMEs consuming and providing financial services need to be proactive on Brexit

Guy Usher

The progress of Brexit negotiations has offered little clarity or comfort for the financial services industry say Guy Usher, partner, derivatives and structured finance and Simon Lafferty, associate, banking and finance, of European law firm Fieldfisher

This article is the view of the authors and not necessarily of Ready for Brexit
Given the way in which negotiations have progressed so far…