No Deal is a huge deal, particularly for SMEs, Ready for Brexit will help steer you through it

No Deal Brexit
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The Government may call it “unlikely”, but that doesn’t mean that SMEs can simply ignore its raft of documents detailing how a No Deal Brexit will impact most businesses, either directly and/or indirectly.

The documents confirm that many companies will need to make huge adjustments to their supply chains, documentation, staffing and logistics.  And as Nick Russell of engineering firm Thomason’s revealed in this week’s interview, even SMEs that have no relationship with the EU are being indirectly hit by Brexit.  In addition, even with a Brexit deal, many SMEs will need to obtain sponsor licenses for prized staff – and, as Karendeep Kaur, an immigration analyst at Migrate UK, explains in our latest Analysis piece, this requires quite a bit of time and effort too.

SMEs have a busy period ahead, but Ready for Brexit is here to help.  We can guide you through the paperwork, explain the new regulations and get you as ready as you can be for Brexit, in whatever form it might take. Start by downloading our Brexlist, a checklist of everything you need to do to prepare for Brexit, and then use our comprehensive Directory to help guide you through it.

We’ll get through it together.


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