Brexit consulting solutions for Incoterms – fixing the problems that Brexit has created

We can help you deal with Incoterms

  • Brexit has changed the risks and costs of existing Incoterms
  • Existing margins and contract viability have been impacted
  • You need to be prepared for…
    • unexpected new activities
    • additional costs based on your responsibilities
    • supply chain issues
    • potential contract revisions
  • We will help you analyse your contract portfolio
  • We will help you understand the new commercial landscape and identify measures to mitigate risk


How Ready for Brexit
can help you

  • We can help you redesign your business model and survive Brexit
  • Our consulting team have personal experience of operating before the Single Market and Customs Union
  • We know the issues and can help you solve your problems


We can help you deal
with key Brexit issues

Customs and Tariffs
Rules of Origin
Northern Ireland

The UK has a new trading regime with the EU27. It also has a new regime with those markets where it has previously traded under Free Trade Agreements negotiated by the EU.

This requires a detailed understanding of the International Commercial Terms. These Incoterms® rules are an internationally recognised standard and are used worldwide in international and domestic contracts for the sale of goods.

At the end of the day Incoterms is closely connected to the topic of commercial viability of contracts.
That is the issue.

We can help you with Incoterms post-Brexit