97% of UK haulage companies ‘not ready for Brexit’ in 10 days’ time

Today’s chaos at the Channel ports, and on deliveries from Great Britain to N Ireland, reveals the depth of the problems facing the haulage industry as a result of Brexit.  A new study shows only 3% of firms are fully prepared, and 84% need much more clarity on border/Customs issues from the government.

A new study from specialist haulage solutions platform, Haulage Exchange, asked 32 UK-based haulage companies about Brexit’s impact. Nearly 1 in 4 UK hauliers said they had already lost business due to Brexit. Two-thirds said they weren’t ready to provide the new Safety and Security Declarations needed at Customs.
Customs remains a sticking point

Nearly 3 in 4 haulage companies (72%) believe that they will be negatively impacted by customs changes following the end of the transition period.  28% are ‘not at all’ prepared for them.

How many feel that they are prepared for customs?

  • 12% of respondents are prepared, with 9% stating that they have invested heavily to ensure all is in place and understood
  • 13% of haulage respondents have trained their hauliers and couriers to fill in the Safety and Security Declarations themselves
  • 13% will have these declarations filled in manually by admin staff on behalf of the hauliers
  • 9% have implemented technology software to automatically fill these declarations

“What changes do you believe will most impact your company after the 1st January 2021?” 

Increased waiting times at the border (75%), and more time spent on pre-crossing admin (66%), are the changes that most people expect to have an impact day-to-day.

  • Increased waiting time at the border – 75%
  • Increased time spent in admin in preparation to cross the border – 66%
  • Higher tariffs imposed on goods – 50%
  • Less access to European goods – 44%
  • Changing licensing and registration requirements – 41%
  • Less access to European staff – 25%
  • We don’t believe we’ll be impacted – 6%

“What does your company need to make the Brexit transition more manageable?”

Hauliers need more clarity and support for their companies, as well as more time to complete the required admin.

  • More clarity on border legislation changes from the government – 84%
  • More time to make the legislation changes and get the required admin in order – 47%
  • Additional financial support to implement new software technology – 22%
  • Additional staff support – 19%
  • Nothing, we are totally prepared – 3%

Sam Wilkinson, Chief Revenue Officer at Transport Exchange Group, says: 

“With the upcoming Brexit deadline, our focus is to ensure users of our market-leading Freight Exchange platforms, Courier Exchange and Haulage Exchange, can continue to carry goods to and from the EU without disruption.

According to our survey, delays at ports and paperwork are front of mind for carriers. To ensure they can be prepared and avoid delays we are working with industry experts to provide educational content that will be signposted directly from within our platform. 

Post-transition period, freight will continue to move and Transport Exchange Group will continue to lead the way for UK Freight Exchange platforms.”

Click here to see the full findings from the UK Hauliers Brexit Transition survey.



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