Brexit 100 day plan

Ready for Brexit is independent and objective. It aims to help businesses and organisations manage the challenges and opportunities that Brexit brings.
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Welcome to the Ready for Brexit 100 day plan

Your complete guide to surviving No-Deal Brexit
No-Deal, with No-Plan, makes No-sense!

What is the purpose of the Brexit 100 day plan, and how does it differ from our BrexLists?

The 100 Day Plan will help focus the mind on the time available to undertake the processes of review and action necessary to ensure the smoothest path for your business through Brexit.

The Plan does not replicate every action of our BrexLists. Rather, it concentrates on the must-do areas for businesses who have yet to comence their planning processes.

Exit on 29th March means that you must act NOW, and this planning tool will help you through that process.

Not every line item will be important to every business, but it is vital to work through the entire list at least once, highlighting the areas of greatest importance to your specific business.

That done, CARPE DIEM!

Make a start, NOW, working through the highest-level portions first.

These tools will be very helpful to you, but you must act NOW

Some technical notes on the spreadsheet

  • For clarity, and ease of navigation, we have used the DATA/GROUP functionality of Excel to allow areas of both project line-items and dates to be collapsed when required.
  • To expand the collapsed areas (to view or edit content) simply click on the appropriate “+” symbol on the relevant axis.
  • When expanded, the “+” will have changed to a “-“.
  • Clicking on a “-” collapses that area of the sheet again, temporarily hiding it from view.
  • You will have noticed, near the top left hand corner of the sheet, two groups of 1 and 2. One group is associated with each of the two axes.
  • Clicking on a “1” will collapse all of the DATA/GROUPed areas of the relevant axis.
  • Clicking on the equivalent “2” will expand all of the DATA/GROUPed areas of that axis.

Brexit 100 day plan