Brits could require visas to visit France from April 2019

visas to visit France
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Newly published French provisions for a no-deal Brexit state that UK visitors to France will need a visa to enter the country and a residence permit to stay there long term. Anna Tobin reports

In a document issued today, the French Government revealed that should the UK exit the EU without a withdrawal agreement, British nationals who can currently travel freely throughout France, will be considered third-party nationals and will need a visa to enter French territory. Those wishing to stay longer than three months will need to apply for a long-stay Visa.

British nationals already living in France will need the residence documents provided for in Article L. 311-1 of the Code of Entry and Stay of Foreigners and the Right of Asylum.

Any British nationals working in France may also have to apply for a work permit to keep their jobs and customs checks at borders will be reintroduced. The full French document can be read here

This will have a significant impact on all areas of business, in particular, the travel trade. The questions that now need to be asked is how quickly can these visas be obtained and how much will they cost?

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