Business leaders want Brexit training

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A quarter of business leaders want training in how to deal with Brexit, according to new research from Hitachi Capital Business Finance. Anna Tobin reports

A study of leaders of SMEs across the UK by Hitachi Capital Business Finance has found 69% are planning on going back to ‘school’ next year to improve their skills. Leaders in the manufacturing (82%), legal (85%) and transport (73%) sectors were particularly keen on more training.

Digital skills was the top area those canvassed by Hitachi Capital Business Finance wanted to develop; 38% said they were after more skills to improve their knowledge of software, the internet and social media.This figure rose to 51% of leaders in the retail sector, as shops move increasingly online. Marketing and PR was a big consideration for 28% of business leaders.

Brexit business training

A quarter of business leaders are after more professional guidance on the likely impact of Brexit on their business. This was most keenly felt by leaders in the agriculture (27%), real estate (24%), and hospitality (24%) sectors.

“Standing still in a business world as competitive as today for most leaders is simply not an option,” said Gavin Wraith-Carter, managing director of Hitachi Capital Business Finance. “Businesses will all have specific challenges to address as the market shifts and technology evolves. The best way of staying a step ahead of competitors is to invest in skills across the business.

“Set against a period of unprecedented Brexit uncertainty, the fact that four in five businesses are planning to put money in to grow their business in the New Year, is a further indication of their resilience and determination to succeed.”

Top 5 areas of training being sought by SME leaders


Digital skills (e.g. social media, software skills etc.) 38%
Marketing and PR 28%
The likely impact of Brexit on my business 25%
Tax and legal issues 23%
GDPR/ data privacy 15%

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