Everything from emissions to live exports covered in latest No Deal Notices

No Deal

With the Cabinet escalating its No Deal planning now, the detailed notices on how to prepare for a No Deal Brexit are pouring out of Whitehall. Anna Tobin highlights the ones most relevant to business

Crucially these Notices previously stated that they were being issued, ‘in the unlikely event of No Deal.’ Now that word ‘unlikely’ has been extracted. Read that as you will. The full list can be seen here. This page says that the last update was carried out on 12 October, but many of the pages linking from it were updated yesterday and today. These links are particularly relevant to business:

Trade remedies if there is No Deal

Commercial fishing if there’s no Brexit deal

Maintaining the continuity of waste shipments if there’s No Deal 

Producing and processing organic food if there’s no Brexit deal 

Exporting controlled goods if there is no Brexit deal

Farm payments if there is no Brexit deal

Passenger travel to the EU after Brexit

Importing and exporting plants and plant products in the event of No Deal

Importing high-risk food and animal feed in the event of No Deal

Buying and selling timber if there’s a no Brexit deal

Industrial emissions standards if there’s No Deal

Upholding environmental standards if there’s No Deal

Import and export of hazardous chemicals if there’s a No Deal Brexit

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