The big fish are getting ready for Brexit, now the little fish need to rapidly follow their lead

SMEs preparing for Brexit
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The latest news on Brexit makes depressing reading. The post-Brexit forecasts predict talent drains, shortages, and hold-ups at the borders. The big fish are publicly stating how they are getting ready for Brexit, SMEs must prepare for Brexit too and there is no time to lose.

This week, we’ve learned about large corporations such as Panasonic moving their headquarters out of the UK to cushion themselves from the predicted Brexit blow. We’ve read the disheartening study that shows that Brexit will cause a shortage of software developers in the UK, and seen the report from the not very snappily named think tank The UK in a Changing Europe, which claims that the UK will lose more than it gains from leaving the EU.

The future might look bleak, but you don’t get ready for rainy days by staring out of the window and watching the storm clouds approach. You batten down the hatches, stop up leaky holes and buy all-weather clothing. You face the fierce weather head-on. If you trade with Europe, it’s time to start looking into whether it would benefit you to set up a European subsidiary If you rely on a stock that could be delayed at the borders, you look into the benefits of renting additional storage space and overstocking.

There is a whole list of things that you need to be getting on with to get ready for Brexit. To go about this in an ordered timely manner download the Ready for Brexit Brexlist, a continually updated checklist designed to make the transition to Brexit as smooth as possible.

Enjoy the satisfaction that will come with ticking things off that list and knowing that you’re ready as you ever will be for leaving the EU.


Anna Tobin
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