Government Publishes Employers Toolkit On The EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme
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Today, July 25, 2018, the UK Government published an employer toolkit that is designed to equip employers with the necessary tools and information required to support their employees who are EU citizens and their families through the EU Settlement Scheme. Anna Tobin reports

The online toolkit available here includes six documents: an introduction brochure that details how to use the materials in the pack and timings; a briefing pack designed to increase awareness about the EU Settlement Scheme and to show employers what their EU citizen employees need to know and do; a leaflet containing important information about the EU Settlement Scheme for EU citizens in the UK; another leaflet explaining how EU citizens in the UK can apply for the Scheme; a further leaflet explaining the key terminology used for the Scheme; and a series of posters that employers are encouraged to display publicising the Scheme.

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