European Commission steps up No Deal planning for EU businesses

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The European Commission today stepped up its no-deal planning for EU businesses with a particular focus on customs and indirect taxation. Anna Tobin reports

As a no-deal Brexit still can’t be ruled out, the European Commission has increased what it terms its  ‘no-deal outreach’ to EU businesses. This campaign is specifically designed to prepare EU SMEs that want to continue trading with the UK after Brexit.

“With the risk of a no-deal Brexit increasing as we get closer to March 29, the European Commission and national customs authorities are working hard to be ready to introduce checks and controls on goods flowing between the EU and the UK,” said Pierre Moscovici, commissioner for economic and financial affairs, taxation and customs. “This is key to protecting our consumers and our internal market. A lot depends on the ability of businesses trading with the UK to get up to speed with the customs rules that will apply on day one in case of no deal. There is no time to lose and we are here to help with the information campaign.”

The advice from the European Commission to SMEs is to:

  • Assess whether they have the necessary technical and human capacity to deal with customs procedures and rules, such as preferential rules of origin.
  • Consider obtaining various customs authorisations and registrations to facilitate their trading activity if the UK is part of their supply chain.
  • Get in touch with their national customs authority to see what other steps can be taken to prepare.

This material is available in all EU languages.

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