IATA chief Alexandre de Juniac warns of the risks of a no-deal Brexit to aviation

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Speaking at the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Global Media Day today, IATA director general and CEO, Alexandre de Juniac, warned of the risks of a no-deal Brexit to the aviation industry. Anna Tobin reports

Speaking at the offices of the IATA in Geneva, Alexandre de Juniac said: “In the last few years, the value of globalisation has been questioned. This is deeply concerning. To be sure, we must aim for a more inclusive globalisation. But that will not be achieved with protectionist policies or trade wars. Prosperity will come with borders that are open to people and to trade. That’s a pre-requisite for aviation to deliver its best to global economic and social development.

“Brexit is tied to this general theme. We don’t have any special insight on how this will play out. But we do know that the industry needs more clarity than we currently have. There is no Word Trade Organization fallback for aviation in the event of a no-deal Brexit. So it is good news that the UK is making progress on renegotiating bilateral deals with non-EU countries and that it is discussing contingency measures with the EU. But that is only part of the story. Time-sensitive critical supplies arrive into the UK by air. So, understanding customs formalities is vital. And, as airlines are already selling tickets for the post-Brexit period, speed in finalising arrangements is essential.”

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