Businesses look to downsize offices and encourage remote-working

Businesses look to downsize offices and encourage remote-working

Businesses look to downsize offices and encourage remote-working

Flexioffices – Businesses look to downsize offices
Michael Dubicki, Business Development Director, Flexioffices

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The Covid-19 pandemic has already led to major change for many businesses. And as this analysis from Flexioffices suggests, workplaces ‘may never be the same again’ – particularly with potential Brexit complications at year-end.

Michael Dubicki, Business Development Director highlights the main findings of their new survey;

  • Companies are now focusing on 3 key areas: downsizing current office space; moving to flexible contracts; prioritising employee well-being and office cleanliness.
  • 57% of businesses will be looking to downsize; 44% will be looking to downsize and encourage their people to work remotely
  • 44% of people who currently own their office space are looking to rent next time
  • 42% of London businesses are now moving or considering moving as a direct result of COVID-19
  • Of those considering a move – 58% will be downsizing, and 55% expect to make a decision in the next 3-6 months

Michael Dubicki comments:

“It seems the face of the UK workplace is changing like never before.  What do offices actually do? Why do we have them? Do we need them? The pandemic has asked businesses to re-look at office space and include the perspective of how it affects people – their productivity, their wellbeing, how they interact together and engage in positive experiences. Again, simply put, the office has become much more than just walls and desks. Companies won’t abandon offices, but they will become more demanding of what workspaces deliver and the role they play in attracting people to them.

“At Flexioffices, we have spent 20 years re-looking at real estate challenges with our roots planted firmly in flexible office space, putting us in a strong position to deliver against these key drivers when new office space is needed. Our solution to property challenges will never be to just ‘throw square feet at it’, but to understand where efficiencies can be created in utilizing space more intelligently.

“Importantly, the focus that drives our service is people. We want to ensure that when new office space is required, we can use our expertise to pin-point a space that will make employees want to come back to it, and which will help your business thrive in the future.”

The Ready for Brexit Directory highlights the key business areas that may change after Brexit

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