Time to audit your business’s readiness for Brexit with our Brexsure Brexit audit tool

Brexsure Brexit audit tool
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The Ready for Brexit Brexsure audit tool launched this week. Months in gestation, the Brexsure Brexit audit tool has been carefully designed to give a pretty accurate picture of how smoothly your business will sail through Brexit.

And, not only will the Brexsure Brexit audit tool measure your business’s readiness for Brexit, it will also indicate how well the businesses in your supply chain are prepared for Brexit. Brexit will have a Domino effect, if just one cog in your supply chain is out of synch then it could cause significant disruption to your business and consequently everyone that you supply.

When the Brexsure Brexit audit tool throws out what more your business can do to prepare for Brexit, you can action it. When it reveals that those in your supply chain are not ready, you might feel powerless to do anything about it.

This is not the case. If you find that those in your supply chain are not doing enough to prepare for Brexit, you can explain to them where you see the holes in their planning and put pressure on them to make a contingency plan. If they still do not react, you can shop around for a Brexit ready alternative, but you need to start now.

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Anna Tobin
Ready For Brexit


Anna Tobin Editor of Ready for Brexit