Today really is the day to start planning for No Deal Brexit

Today really is the day to start planning for No Deal Brexit

Surveys show that up to 75% of UK businesses haven’t yet finished their Brexit planning. That’s understandable. Most are fully occupied with surviving the impact of the pandemic. But time is slipping away. There are now just 21 days to go. If you don’t start today, when will you start?

Of course, many companies tell us that “we can’t start to plan until we know what’s happening”.  They are waiting for the government to tell them what has been agreed. But in reality, as the statement from last night’s talks confirms, the chances of any deal are becoming vanishingly small.

The only certainty instead, is that the UK and the EU will still be talking about Brexit for years to come.  The arguments over the N Ireland Protocol provide a taste of the problems to come.  It, after all, is part of the signed Withdrawal Agreement – but it has still taken months of discussions just to reconfirm the details of what had already been agreed.

So, please, start to make your Brexit plans today. Even if there is a deal on Sunday, or at any time up to 31 December, it will only be very minimal. Customs Declarations and a host of new rules and regulations will all still apply from January 1st.

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Brexit will impact most parts of our working lives in one way or another – Customs & Tariffs, Finance, Legal, Services & Employment and Supply Chains.

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