UiPath advocates boosting automation to ease Brexit pains


Enterprise software company UiPath’s latest white paper outlines how automation could ease the UK’s exit from the EU. Anna Tobin reports

The UiPath white paper Exit from the EU: How automation can help UK Government meet the challenge puts the case for using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate, simplify and accelerate the effective execution of key workflows and processes that will be required to exit the EU. The UiPath paper states: “Exiting the EU provides the ideal opportunity for UK Government departments to accelerate their adoption of RPA and automation technologies. By starting to automate current processes and workflows now, civil servants can ensure they have the capabilities in place to facilitate the changes necessary for the outcomes of any final EU deal.”

The UiPath paper says that automation can improve systems within many Government departments to expediate the Brexit process, these include: workforce productivity, process automisation, legacy system integration, scalability and performance, and accelerated programme delivery. The full paper can be accessed here

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