UK Licensed Broadcasters May Have Problems Broadcasting Within Europe Post Brexit

Ofcom-licensed broadcasters
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Ofcom-licensed broadcasters whose channels are exported to the EU may need to obtain individual country licenses to continue broadcasting within Europe post Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Those Ofcom-licensed broadcasters who broadcast within the EU may have to reassess which countries they transmit to after Brexit. Currently, the Single Market allows Ofcom-licensed broadcasters to broadcast into every EU member state. If the UK leaves the Single Market, Ofcom-licensed broadcasters may need to research, review and compare the broadcasting environment in each EU country and apply for individual licenses to broadcast.

Broadcast and media consultancy Expert Media Partners’ (EMP) Brexit team has put together a research document, entitled the Brexit Broadcast Licensing Directory, designed to help broadcasters to assess the regulatory environment of each of the 30 EU and European Economic (EEA) Countries. Based on its research into the different regulatory environments, ease of doing business, creative infrastructure and quality of life for each country,  EMP finds that Ireland, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Malta and Estonia will be the easiest territories to establish individual broadcast relationships with.

“The leading jurisdictions are mostly those with real experience of international broadcasting, a good reputation for doing business and a stable and reliable legal system,” explains EMP managing partner, Ed Hall. “We have also taken into account how keen they are to attract new licensees and how easy we have found it to deal with the country and regulator in compiling our research.”


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