UK tourism to benefit from UK staycation boost from Brexit

UK staycations

Research by Cambridge & Counties Bank finds that 72% of UK holidaymakers expect a boom in UK staycations in 2020. Anna Tobin reports

The majority of UK nationals are expecting to holiday more in the UK next year, claims Cambridge and Counties Bank. The top reason given for the predicted increase in UK staycations, cited by 67% of respondents, is a drop in the value of the pound caused by Brexit. If Brexit results in a fall in the value of sterling, this will make foreign holidays more expensive. Other key reasons were a rise in the underlying costs of overseas travel and a rise in barriers to international travel, such as stricter visa requirements or tougher border controls as a result of Brexit.

When asked which UK destinations they expected to be the most attractive for UK staycations, respondents put Cornwall in first place, followed by the Lake District and Devon.

Top 15 UK destinations expected to see the greatest rise in UK staycations over the next three years

Cornwall 51%
Lake District 43%
Devon 41%
South Coast 31%
Scottish Highlands 24%
Peak District 23%
Dorset 23%
London 21%
Cotswolds 20%
Yorkshire 18%
Edinburgh 17%
South West Wales 16%
Brighton 16%
Norfolk 13%
Kent 8%

Source: Cambridge & Counties Bank

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