FSB repeats calls for Government to issue export vouchers to small businesses

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The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reiterates its call for small businesses to be given financial assistance in the form of export vouchers to help them negotiate Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

Writing to the Chancellor Sajid Javid, as part of its Autumn Budget recommendations, the FSB urges him to give direct financial assistance to small firms impacted by Brexit uncertainty in the form of £3,000 export vouchers. The FSB suggests these export vouchers could be used to claim back the costs of expert advice, market research and trade roadshows.

“Small businesses have been left hamstrung by uncertainty for the past three years. We need to see the Chancellor step-up to the mark next month with measures that will reinject optimism into the small business community and enable growth. Otherwise, we’re in for a very bleak winter,” warned the FSB’s national chairman, Mike Cherry.

“…Cash is always king for small firms. If we hit a serious bout of Brexit-linked turbulence in the months ahead, the banks and HMRC will need to do all they can to support those impacted by cashflow issues. The damage of Brexit uncertainty has already been done. Small business owners have been left unable to plan, and are finding it increasingly difficult to retain EU clients and staff. Direct financial assistance is now urgently needed for those that have been directly affected by the three-year impasse.”

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