£10 million Brexit fund launched to help businesses get ready for Brexit

Institute for Government

The Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom MP has just announced a £10 million Brexit fund grant scheme to help businesses get ready for Brexit. Anna Tobin reports

The £10 million Brexit fund will be available to support trade associations and other business organisations in helping businesses get ready for Brexit on 31 October, 2019. The money will be used for events, training and advice packs and targeted at businesses of all sizes throughout the UK.

Applications for grants will be accepted up to Monday 30 September, 2019 and administered through a dedicated website due to launch on 29 August, 2019. “The UK will be leaving the EU on 31 October. For businesses that still feel unprepared, I am determined to do everything I possibly can to ensure they are fully ready for Brexit,” said Leadsom. “We know that companies often rely on the wider business community for help and advice with planning. Business groups will now be given the necessary tools to engage with this crucial task, communicating with non-members and businesses of all sizes.”

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