French customs issues No-Deal Brexit guidance

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French customs

The likelihood of a no-deal Brexit is being taken so seriously across the Channel that the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in France has produced customs guidelines to prepare traders for the UK exiting the EU without a deal. Anna Tobin reports

The document, entitled Preparing for Brexit – Customs Guidance, Information for border users in a no-deal Brexit scenario, explains what will happen if the UK exits the EU without a deal and how this will impact on getting goods through France’s borders. Available in French and English, the guide highlights the three main changes that traders will have to prepare for:

  • The resumption of border controls
  • The resumption of Ministry of Agriculture inspections(e.g. health inspections and health certificates)
  • The end of the free movement of capital, goods, services, and people

The document includes an easy to understand description of what is required to fill out a customs declaration and details of which goods fall under special regulations that require an authorisation prior to customs clearance. Although aimed at France-based businesses, it is useful reading for anyone sending goods across a French border. The document can be accessed here

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